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Eureka Machines - Everyone Loves You

1. Everyone Loves You
2. The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall
3. The Story Of My Life (live acoustic session)
4. Scream Eureka (live on BBC Introducing Raw Talent)

This Saturday I popped down to the record fair at The Brudenell Social Club (literally 30 seconds away from my front door!).

Aside from picking up a shed load of cheap limited edition Mission records (Deliverance box set with poster, Deliverance 10", SEALED Wasteland 7" boxed set) and a best of Blondie (with a poster of Debbie Harry looking hot as hell, Claire now has some competition) I managed to knab a Eureka Machines CD Single from the Wrath Records stall (Wrath records are a Leeds based Indie label that mostly releases music by The Scaramanga Six and the Eureka Machines).

The aforementioned Scaramanga Six have recently opened my eyes to the joy of cleverly done rock music, which if I'm perfectly honest, I mostly find bland and uninspiring compared to most of the more post punk type stuff. Eureka Machines are a real fix for this new found musical interest. It's straight up rock with a heavy twist of pop and a dash of anthemic punk - but don't let that put you off. Here's what I thought...

The single opens with well...the single... as you'd expect. It comes in straight away with a big fat drum roll, a whoosh and a riff worth cracking out your air guitar for. So far so good. For me, the thing that makes this song is the wonderful the alternation between ballsy shout along rock and the excellent disco-esque hook that precedes the chorus. Its a song that will make you both want to wave your fist in the air and to shake your tail feather. Well, they've caught my attention and I already feel like I've got my £3's worth.

Having listened to this single about 10 times today I still can't find anything interesting to say about the second track. The opening guitar line sounds a lot like the kind of thing Wayne Hussey would have cracked out circa 1987, which is great, if somewhat ironic. Sadly the song itself doesn't entice me. Moving on...

A live acoustic session? I'm already on guard, being the type of person that sometimes equates "acoustic" with "boring". I couldn't have been more wrong - The Story Of My Life is bloody wonderful. It provides a great bit of contrast to the title track and while remaining equally (if not more) interesting. "This the story, the story of my flipping life" they lament in a resigned way. Not near bad enough to actually swear about, but just about depressing enough to heave a sigh over. The whole thing has a slightly depressing, slightly tongue in cheek and totally believable feeling to it that sort of reassures me immensely.

Scream Eureka is quite a nice bit of musical flag waving. "Hello world - we're Eureka Machines" is the line that closes the EP, and this is pretty much what the entire song says from start to finish, in fact; right from the opening cry of "don't ignore us/people bore us/open wide and sing the chorus".

With any luck I'll be getting a taste of the live show at their Leeds gig on November 13th.

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