Nemesis To Go (nemesis_to_go) wrote in uk_indie,
Nemesis To Go

Can we have some more drums in the monitors, please?

Another big update has happened on the London Gigs website...

All the London gigs you need to know about are in there somewhere (and if you know about any that aren't in there, by all means send in the info).

Scroll through the listings and you can see which ones are recommended by me...and by various other fanzines and music industry in outsiders.

I was just reading through everybody else's recommendations, and it occurred to me that while most of the other gig-recommenders tend to write fairly standard promotional blurb, my stuff veers towards ironic asides and smart-arse sarkiness. I didn't realise I was doing this until my words appeared on the site alongside everyone else's. I'll be getting into trouble about that one day, you wait and see. Still, at least you know it's me.

Anyway, there you have it. Boot up, log in...go out.
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